Wednesday, January 20, 2010

-James Asu-

“In your quest for riches (or fame) don’t lose the things that money cannot buy. -Ray Moshddar. (Paraphrased)

First and foremost, it is my deepest pleasure and greatest delight to extend my warmest and heart-felt greeting to you. I welcome you into the dawn of a New Year, I say I’m glad to meet you and it gives me great joy and at the same time I feel ecstatic to have with me in this brainstorming moment a go-getter and a great achiever like you.

In this column, we are going to engage together in a constructive discussion on crucial and sensitive issues which are influencing and affecting majority of people in the society today, both nationally and internationally. And there is a maxim which says “a problem shared is half-solved.” Therefore, this is a moment to share ideas and to interact together with the aim to chart and pave a way of escape to as many people as possible who have found themselves in the menace and mood of nude or those fond of, practicing it. And to hear from different view point, the yardstick to fame. And also to know whether one’s successes or meteoric rise to fame lies in practicing or acting nude in any field of profession or career.

I will commence this discussion session with this eye-opener “ whatever your eyes sees or behold has the capacity to either make you to rule your world or to be ruled out of the race to the attainment of your God-given goal and life’s pursuit ”. And according to a survey carried out by philosophers and sociologists that “what we see has a larger and upper influence and control over every other part of our body and entire life, either positively or negatively or both.” And I don’t know if you think together with me or opposed to the fact that the packaging of any product has much and lot more good to do to its content? Most times and in most places, most people persist intently from the intent part of their heart to go for a product without considering the packaging but focusing on the content only. Though, both should be considered to get the best from and out of any product. As packaging is paramount to how a product outsell in the market place. So also is self-packaging very essential to any person who wants to make a laudable and enviable impact in the world. And I strongly believe beyond any doubt or disbelief that the product which is well-packaged will automatically outsell that which is exposed outwardly or partially packaged. And how many of us will be willing to purchase an apple that is not properly packaged and seeing the one that is well-packaged? We will rather prefer and go for the latter than for the former, irrespective of the price-tag. And what an awesome and handsome apple you are in God’s eyes! Zechariah 2:8. So you’ve got to dress nicely and void of nude. Your price is far beyond rubies! So you’ve got to fight to defend your dignity and sanctity by covering and keeping your private part, private. Safe and secured from the perusal of the public, other than to your marriage partner only. Hebrews 13:4. Do you know or not that carelessness and non-challant attitude to dressing mode or lack of dressing etiquette has caused a break up to many marriages and relationships, which always erupted through the process of exposing their private part in events, occasions and ceremonies thereby causing an unusual sexual arousal and attraction in the other party or person, leading to the untimely death of the first engagement. Speaking from both acquired and learned skill, vast research and exposure, it is scarce and rare to found somebody who can hold himself or herself firm without fallen, beholding or seeing a half-naked or nude person. But the truest truth of all times is that, it takes only a Spirit-filled, God-fearing, Law-abiding and mature mind, to see such and not freeze or tempted to have an illicit affair. Galatians 5:16, Matthew 5:28. Or how many of us, will be eager to put our money down for a jewellery which looks scanty and shabby due to lack of proper packaging? Don’t you know that you are a royal jewel and a rare gem to this generation and to your nation? 1Peter 2:9. What a spotless and stainless treasure you are! And you are most fortunate enough, in every areas and ways and far better than any living or creeping creatures on the planet. I congratulate you once more, I say, it’s my pleasure meeting a celebrity like you. And also at the other hand, it is a pity that so many treasures had ended up in the trash. What a great wastage, valuable commodities in the waste-bin! And some Gold and Diamond who made it to the topmost top in their career and profession had ended up in the mud and slum because they lack the capacity and capability to maintain their fame, without flaws through their reckless dressing habit. Many lady’s always or most often dressed to exposed their private part to the public and eventually falls victim into the hands of those guy’s whose stock-in-trade is used and dump. I can confidently and sincerely tell those lady’s that those guy’s had no good things to add to their life at the first place but accidentally and due to all what they have exposed out to them which they had downloaded, that’s the major reason why they pretend and deceive them with their sugar-coated lines of promises. Hear this, it is more honourable to dress up, so as to look beautiful and handsome and much more
honourable it is to be a stepping stone and building block to others rather than being a stumbling block and an instrument of falling to them, through our dressing either half-nakedness or nakedness at it fullness.1Corinthians 8:9, Romans 14:12-13, Jude 24. What makes we human to be different from other mammals, is due to the fact that we are distinctively and uniquely made. Genesis 1:26. And we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 Psalm 8:4-6. We don’t ever; I repeat again we don’t ever need to expose any private part of our body to the public. It’s uncalled for and doesn’t speak well of us, if we engage in such acts. It exposes us and others around us to harmful and unpleasant repercussions either now or in the future or both.1John 2:16-17, Mark 5:15, 2Corinthians 5:3, 2Timothy 2:22-26, Titus 2:12, Revelation 3:18.

Personally to me, it is very painful and heart-rending, seeing or hearing from victims, mostly the younger ones and youths who had fallen prey into the hands of those heartless rapists, who had molested and deflowered them at their tender and teenage years. But majority of this scene was caused or occurred as a result of their putting on dresses and clothes that are transparent and immodest, either in shape or size or both. And many victims of sexual-abuse of sort have not yet recovered from this hangover and menace. It’s like a pill, which is too bitter to swallow. What a pain and agony it would have caused them both emotionally and physically. Please may I ask this simple but straight-forward question “Do we prefer living without putting on dresses? Or better-still .Do we prefer putting on clothes that makes us looks scanty in the name of looking sexy? Genesis 3:7&21, Proverbs 7:6-27, Proverbs 12:4. And what gain will that guy or lady get from stripping ourselves naked, void of dresses or clothes or half-naked, in the name of sudden or quick money acquisition (fortune) and recognition (fame)? Proverbs 13:11, Proverbs 14:23. To be sincere and candid, there is nothing more shameful and inglorious than that. Or what do you see to that? Or does an act of walking half-naked and exposing one’s private and delicate part to the public a sine qua non to fame, if not to shame? When a person dresses well and in a decent manner, it won’t deprive or stop such one from making it to the top neither will it stands as a debacle or obstacle to him or her from attaining to the hall of fame.1Peter 2:11, Romans 13:14,Jude 17-18,Jude 7-11.

On a final note, I say a BIG thank you to you for giving out your precious commodity (TIME) and reading through this priceless pearls and nuggets. I believe that you have been richly blessed through it. But remember, the way you dress is the way you will surely be addressed. And also take note of this, “the way you dress in your home, at your work-place and in the society you found yourself, has a lot to do with your success and fame in life.” When you dress decently as a person of success and fame I tell you, it’s just a matter of time, they will soon rub on you and you will see yourself successful and famous. Thank you and God bless you. But, before I take my exit, I speak by the authority in the name of Christ Jesus to as many who have been hurt emotionally and physically, to receive their instant and permanent healing and be connected right now to the top and to their hall of fame. Good bye and God bless you. Amen. I love you with the love of Christ. And to those who are yet to accept Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour, this is another great opportunity to do so by saying the prayer below by faith:

“Lord Jesus be merciful unto me, forgive and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and filthiness. Purge and purify me with your Blood. Give me a new Heart and include my name in the Book of life and make me a partaker of your Kingdom. Continue to be the shepherd and keeper of my life from today henceforth. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

I congratulate you, if you just make that declaration for the first time or you are re-dedicating your life once again to the Lord Jesus Christ. You are now a candidate of Heaven and a brand new child of God. You can call me to share your great testimony (SALVATION), so we can grow and discuss more on God’s word and how to grow strong in other areas of our life as bond members in the Body of Christ. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.SHALOM.



Blessing Inyang from Malaysia responded: It’s a Shame.

McCoy from Nigeria replied: My broda I like your write-up. You make sense die!

Harriet Uju from United Kingdom commented: To me there is no Shame, it’s a Choice.

Ada from United State of America responded: Every thing we do in life are influenced by one’s culture, values and morals.

Nene from Malaysia replied: It’s an allowed alternative to fame.

Jacobson Kenny from Dubai, United Arab Emirates commented: IT’S A BIG SHAME. Whoever exposes his or her nakedness to/in public is under a curse of His/Her maker and under the curse of nature.

I am cocksure that you have gotten an insight from this publication. Please and please, I am using this medium to beseech you that you should pass this round to everyone around you. Let it also bless their soul and I pray that as you take heed to this, the Almighty God will continue to replenish your purse, refresh your soul, nourish your mind and strengthen your spirit. Proverbs 11:24-25, Numbers 6:24-26. Remain blessed and lifted.

(An Advocate of a New NIGERIA)

Monday, January 4, 2010



-James Asu-

Every individual born into this world is given or endowed with a goldmine, with which to make a difference. But it is a pity that so many people have not really discovered or maximized their treasures of inestimable value, which is their source of wealth. And unless the door leading to where the goldmine has been kept is unlocked, gaining entrance or accessing the bounties of goodies therein will be very tedious and extremely difficult.

The Oxford Great Encyclopedic Dictionary defines “GOLDMINE” as ‘a source of wealth’. So before you as a person can make any difference in your world through the use of your goldmine, you need to unlock the door where your potentials and talents are kept, by using the appropriate keys to keep the door open and easily accessible. On this note and for your utmost good, I am glad to present these six keys to you, promising you of their workability, if properly used and appropriately applied to the right lock. Your future is in your hand, and you have at your disposal all the necessary keys that will unlock every lock leading to your goldmine.

Come along with me, as I unveil the procedures and ways by which you can unlock your goldmine, through the application of the keys which are highlighted below:

UNDERSTAND THE REASON FOR YOUR CREATION: No one born on this earth is born for nothing but for something. And failure to define and confine oneself in his or her major area of calling and giftedness is what had caused frustration and depression to humanity as a whole. When the purpose of a thing is unknown, then misuse or abuse of it, is inevitable. As a person you have the capacity to make exploit but without the knowledge of the reason for your existence, you will be exploited. It is the knowing of your existence that makes you fit to do exploit.
NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE POWER: You are a being of an inestimable value. Your worth is too precious to be overlooked or underrated. Keep a deaf ear to anyone who says you can’t succeed or make it to the feat of fame or zenith of accomplishment and fulfilment in life. You have been well and fully packaged by GOD with creative and innovative power and ability. Your creator cannot be creative and you His creation be or remain a dull or a dummy person. Creativity is an asset entrusted to YOU as a special gift to benefit humanity with. If truly we are genuinely created in the image and likeness of GOD that automatically guarantees and gives us the assurance of our possession of creative and innovative power both to invent and to discover new and profound ways of doing things.

LOCATE YOUR AREA OF CALLING AND STICK IN THERE: It is only in your place of location that you can find real satisfaction. What profession or career can you pursue and perform well in, with passion and affection? Locate it. Stick to it because that’s your area of calling. Pursue it with all the strength and faith in you. Are you skilled, trained or gifted in a particular profession? It is a must for you to position yourself in one or more profession that you are really good at and expert in, that is a determinant of your location. Your location might be to work under or with an organization or corporation, do it with passion and affection. You must always strive to add your quota to the betterment, development and advancement of the establishment you are currently working with, remembering that whatever goes around usually comes around. Do you have a flair for helping the destitute, hopeless and helpless to secure a life of meaning and hope? I am so impressed to tell you that that is your area of calling; you only need to stick in there. Or better still, can you sing a beautiful song, draw a wonderful artwork or you have the ability to make people laugh or organize insightful program or you can compose or write a powerful write-ups and articles? If you can do any of the above, or all of the professions and careers aforementioned, then you have found your location. So my dear, you only need to stick to it and keep doing it and don’t deviate from it. The only key that can guarantee or give you lasting success and happiness is sticking to the right course, without deviating or losing focus. A distorted focus can lead to a smashed destiny. So despites the hurdles and obstacles on your way, in your place of calling, never lose hope; keep your hope alive and burning anew. You can keep your spirit afire by these words spoken to Dr. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase during his trying times by his mentor, it reads: “But this is not the time to throw in the towel. Yes I know it’s tough but you must hang in there.” This remarkable saying have kept my spirit burning with more passion towards my mission and I’m seeing my vision more clearer, sharper and attainable and it has really helped me to remain in my place of calling and fulfilling my life’s assignment with more strength, faith, energy and enthusiasm. It can help you as well, if you can adopt and live by it all the days of your life. Stick-to-it-tive-ness is the key to greatness and unlocking the door to your goldmine.

OVERCOME THE TEMPTATION TO GIVE UP BEFORE YOU GET TO THE TOP: A Quitter will never win in a race; it takes only a “Can do” and a “Can conquer” ability and attitude to win in the race of life. You will always get what you bargain for, from life. If you think you can’t, you’re right and also if you think you can, you are very right. And that you are tempted to quit or give up on your dream and aspiration does not mean you’re weak, it does depict that you have to top it up, with a Can-do spirit and keep pressing forward towards the attainment and fulfilment of your life’s assignment. If people or devil cannot stop Jesus Christ the saviour and warrior of the World from fulfilling His mission on earth. I strongly believe with the help of God, no legion or battalion of demonic or satanic forces and powers can ruin your destiny or thwart your dream from becoming a reality. Listen to this: You will always be tempted to give up on your dream, it’s not a curse but an indispensable truth and fact, you only need to persevere, re-fire and press forward until you get hold of or grasp your goldmine. You won’t die unfulfilled or filled, you are created to succeed and fulfil your destiny in life and I pray nothing whatsoever, in Heaven, on earth or in the sea will ever be able to cut you short before your time. Amen.

CREATE AN AVENUE TO SHOWCASE YOUR SKILL, TALENT AND POTENTIAL: The utilization of your potential will make you influential and preferential among your colleagues, counterparts and superiors. Bill W.Wayman has this to say: “If you don’t stick out from the crowd, if you don’t make yourself noticed, no one is ever going to find you where you are”. That was an indispensable and irrevocable fact. Have you ever asked yourself this question, ever since you were born into this world? What am I really doing with the gift, talent and skill that I have, even from where I am right now? Really you can take or drag a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink there in. In the same vein, the survival of your potential is very much dependent on your arrival at the right place where your gift can be fully displayed and showcased. It might be within a small gathering or setting where your ideas and skills are highly needed. Never overlooked your days of small beginning, knowing this, that no superstar or megastar ever starts or begins anything worthwhile in life without first starting in a small way before taking it a bit higher due to their focus and firmness of purpose in the direction of their dreams. They are all able to arrive at the pinnacle of greatness and peak of success due to unlocking their goldmine by displaying their gifts and talents in their location and at various occasions. Listen to this: No matter how fully gifted or highly skilled a person is, he or she is not fit for living or good for anything , without utilizing his or her goldmine. And no one is ever going to celebrate you or your success, without you first showcasing what you’ve got or done.

KEEP LEARNING, MAXIMIZING AND MARKETING YOUR GIFT, SKILL, AND TALENT: The only powerful key that can make and keep the door to your goldmine permanently open is the quality of your gift. Your gift will make room for you, if you can just utilize it. And failure to make use of your talent or skill will bar you from gaining entrance to access your goldmine. Does your earning capacity seems so low or smaller than what you expect, despite the fact that you have put in every of your skill, then you’ve got to check your learning ability? Do you discard or disregard learning and developing your talent to seek quick cash or meteoric fame and fortune? You’ve got to learn more before you can earn more. Take note of this; the higher your learning ability, the greater your earning capacity. It is what you know that determines how you grow. And you can’t grow beyond what you know. So nothing easily incapacitates or hinders a person from performing at his or her highest level than low or no learning skill. And when you try to skip upgrading your learning skill, it will dwindle and kill that skill. Do you know that, no one born into this world is an island, so never live in isolation but rather keep the right association and keep learning, maximizing and marketing all the treasures that GOD has endowed you with? And do you know that your greatest source of wealth in life lies greatly in the unlocking of the door to your goldmine? You have all what it takes to fulfil your God-given destiny and life’s purpose. I am leaving you with this insightful piece from Bishop David Oyedepo: “There is a treasure in your nature that you can use to terminate all your pressures in life.” I advice you: Go for that treasure and use it to unlock the door to your goldmine.



JAMES ASU. (An Advocate, Apostle and Believer of a new NIGERIA .)





-James Asu-

Brethren I count not myself to have apprehended; but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

-Apostle Paul (Philippians 3:13-14)

Fellow friend and ambassador of Christ, we all vividly and clearly knew that every end ushers in new beginning. And that the end of a particular task or activity matters most, compared to its onset. Ecclesiastes 7:8.Beloved, let me ask you this few crucial and vital questions before I proceed any further. How will your end looks like? And where will you spend your end (eternity)? Is it with God or with the devil? But I pray you and I will never spend our eternity with the devil but with God. But it is our choices and decisions that will ultimately determine our final destination and abode in the hereafter.

In this edition we will look critically at the case study of Apostle Paul, from the above Bible passage. Paul the apostle knew his areas of anointing and calling and was able to abides and sticks in there; irrespective of the divers trials and tempestuous temptations which befell him. But putting many of the modern day believers and Christians in his shoe may not be possible but attainable in the sense that deviation from our place of calling and anointing and embarking on competition had become the order of the day in most Churches of today, which is disgusting and demanding a quick action and correction, if we truly want to do exploit for God and also reign with Him here on earth and in the hereafter and also make it to the golden city and throne of God. Our creator has vested much talents and great gifts within us all but I wonder why so many still wander and walk aimlessly and waywardly envying other people’s gifts and skills which is the highest form of being or living in total ignorance. The truth abides that so many people’s eyes mostly the youth had been blindfolded and/or short-sighted.

These youth had forgotten the fact that it is there gift that will distinguish and make them unique with others around them. Proverbs 18:16, Proverbs 29:23. I am glad to inform you reader of this piece, that there is a vast and voluminous room to accommodate as many people as possible who wish or desire to spend their eternity with God and the Elects when the trumpet is blown for rapture. Matthew 14:2-3.

This is a resounding reminder to all Believers great and small, young and old, teenage and adult. That, we Christians are engaged in a race with a prize to be obtained and a mark to be attained. And there are landmarks put in place by God, our Creator which we must not breach or break. And there is no how you can get or remain topflight in your chosen field, if you are fond of causing a break-off between yourself and God’s law. Proverbs 22:28, Proverbs 23:10, Joshua 1:8.God’s law is the landmark needed to aid and fortified you with the strength and energy to arrive safely and joyfully at the finishing line (THE MARK). Listen to this: Doing things that displeased and upsets God, is removing the ancient landmark. Looking for the downfall of others (ministers and/or God’s people) is removing the old landmark. Indecent dressing among God’s people is removing the ancient landmark. Hypocrisy and hatred among God’s people if found in operative, although it ought not to be heard of among them, is the highest form of breaching God’s law and removing the ancient landmark. Engaging in the above listed futile activities will distract your attention and cause a distortion to your focus of the real target and big picture (HEAVEN), which is our final home, with lots of rewards obtainable from God, the best and greatest giver of every good and every perfect gift. James 1:17, Ephesians 4:11, 1Corinthians 7:7, Romans 12:6-8.

Finally to you friend and reader, upholding and reinforcing the landmark (God’s word) in your heart and practicing his precepts (walking in his ways and doing his wills) is what will guarantee and gives you access to the finishing line (THE MARK) amidst several trials and challenges in the year 2010 and beyond, with the belief in God that every thing in this year, is going to work together for your utmost good in Jesus’ name. Amen. It’s your year of total restoration and jubilation. Joel 2:25-27, Psalm 126:1-6.





Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have a hope that one day, hopefully in my lifetime that the new Nigeria of our dream will materialise and become an envy of all and an earth-shattering testimony to the entire nations on the face of the earth. Mine is a hope built on faith in the most high God, the maker and ruler of the world. Acts 17:24-31 which reads “God who made the world and everything in it, since He is lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Nor is He worshipped with men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things. And He has made from one blood every nation of men(and of women) to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him(God) and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us ; for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His(God’s) offspring.’ Therefore, since we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine nature is like gold (riches or wealth) or silver (money) or stone (graven image), something shaped by art and man’s devising. Truly these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men(and all women) every where to repent, because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the man(JESUS CHRIST) whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead.”

- (Paul, the Apostle: paraphrased is mine).

I do not see a battered or tattered Nation but a new Nigeria. I do not see a separated or disintegrated Nation but a United State of Nigeria. A new Nigeria where equal opportunities, abounds to all, irrespective of race, tribe, tongue and culture. A nation where quality education, free and fair election, safety of life’s and properties, constant electric power circulation, good roads, and good health-care facilities are of utmost necessity and given the topmost priority. A nation where integrity of heart will be our collective watch word, where sincerity and fidelity will be the basis at which we all discharge our responbility at our various duty post and placement

Happy Independence to all citizens, all change agents and all compatriots of our beloved country Nigeria @ her Independence Day celebration.
Long live to my friends
Long live to my family
Long live to NIGERIA

Presented by: JAMES ASU
(An Advocate of the New Nigeria)